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Photovoltaic Trackers

Solar Panels

A rack for solar modules that increases
energy output by electronically following the sun

Innovative, Reliable, Cost-Effective


TRACSTAR is a solar tracker that rotates photovoltaic modules so that they take full advantage of the rays of the sun.

TRACSTAR is easy to assemble. It consists of three elements:

  1. A rack to hole the photovoltaic modules
  2. A central hub to hold and move the rack
  3. An electronic controller

Compared to stationary modules tracker-mounted modules furnish more power and produce a more constant output throughout the day.

TRACSTAR increases the economic worth of valuable photovoltaic panels by increasing the amount of time the solar panels are oriented toward the sun.

Controller TRACSTAR features:

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TRACSTAR solar trackers can bee seen in operation at the Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland, California.