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DC Ceiling Fans

Fan Picture

These are well-made ceiling fans. They have a large motor and a locally machined hub. They are 54 in diameter and run on 12VDC, 24VDC, or with a power supply 110VAC.


Slow Medium Fast
Voltage at fan 5.5 8.5 12.7
Amps to fan .22 .41 .72
Watts used with rheostat 3 5.5 9.1
Watts used with conserve switch 1.7 4 9.1
RPM 70 110 140

Air Movement

We don't have accurate data for CFM air movement. We have found that with a normal ceiling height of 8-10 ft. slow to medium is a good speed for destratifying the air during the winter heating season and medium or fast is a good cooling speed in summer. If you have a very high ceiling or wants lots of air movement, this fan must be run on more than 12 volts.


The motors are industrial quality with ball bearings and replaceable brushes. They cost more than $120 from W. W. Grainger. We disassembled a fan that had run continuously for many months and found virtually no sign of wear, so we figure the motors will last a lifetime.


So far only one fan has made any noise and that was minimal at one speed only. The loudest sound one usually hears is the turning blades, but since fans can cause noise by transmitting vibration to their support structure in uncontrollable ways, we can not guarantee your installation will be noiseless.

Replacement Parts

All parts except the hub and housing are easily available.

Color Choices

Blades Oak - one side dark, other side light
White one side, other side blonde wood
Arms Bright brass, Antique brass, White
Housing White, Dark Brown

Closeout prices $135
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