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Photovoltaic Trackers

Tracstar Solar Trackers are racks for photovoltaic panels that follow the sun to increase the daily power produced. They are azimuth trackers with provisions for adding an elevation drive for dual-axis tracking. Our testing has shown azimuth tracking to produce over 96% of full tracking output with no adjustments, so we only recommend dual-axis tracking for large systems, wind protection, or optical requirements.

Tracstar trackers are made up of three components; the electronic controller, the hub, and the rack to hold the PV panels. The various hub sizes are defined by the maximum square footage of panel they can carry.

We can build any size tracker. Smaller sizes are off the shelf.

We have two rack systems. The usual is shipped UPS complete from the factory for your application and just needs to be bolted together. The second system saves shipping costs because you purchase pipe for it locally. Since the panel brackets are modular, the system can be configured in any way and changed at any time. The overall cost is greater, but there is greater flexibility.

We offset adjacent panels to reduce wind loading. The racks can be assembled with all panels on the same plane, but the hub capacity is reduced.

The azimuth drive motor is protected by a shear pin similar to lawn mowers or outboard motor propellers. During extreme winds this pin will break and protect the motor. The tracker will rotate until it is perpendicular to the wind so the installation should provide for full 360 degree rotation. Replacement (spare included) is done with simple tools. Models without a shear pin and/or with dual motors are available for critical installations in unattended locations.  

Standard Features



  Panel Array Drawing  

Price List

We would prefer to provide a price specifically for your application using information from the following simple questionaire.
If you will send us this information, we will quote on a tracker and possibly an alternative.


The following can be used to figure an approximate price.
We recommend that you step up to the next larger tracker if your panel area exceeds 75% of the rated area.
That results in a conservative design and leaves room to add panels in the future.

Product List

HUBS (includes controller and motor)                                            List Price

        H0251 up to 50 sq. ft.                                                             $ 650.00
        H0501 up to 100 sq. ft.                                                              990.00
        H1001 up to 200 sq. ft.                                                            1290.00
        Larger trackers are built to order

RACKS (two rack systems, see literature)

        Per Panel ( approximate as price varies with panel type)              $23.00

 Note: Larger hubs are available with provisions for future upgrade to dual-axis and/or dual-motor
(to increase capacity) for $20 and $40 respectively.

RACK OPTIONS (add to above prices)

        Dual-Axis tracking                                                                   $450.00
        Compensated azimuth controller                                                   50.00
        Compensated dual-axis controller                                               100.00
        Controllers with manual switches and other options available


        Battery with regulator                                                                 $45.00
        Battery temperature compensation sensor                                     15.00
        Wind Switch                                                                                40.00
        Large hollow center for pipes (add to hub price)                         100.00
        High voltage power supply                                                           25.00
        Pedestal support pole material, labor, and shipping

STATIONARY HUBS   (refundable with purchase of tracker hub)

        H0251S up to 50 sq. ft.                                                           $125.00
        H0501S up to 100 sq. ft.                                                           150.00
        H1001S up to 200 sq. ft.                                                           200.00