Small Power Systems
Small Power Systems
74550 Dobie Lane
Covelo, CA 95428
Call: 800-972-7179
FAX: 707-983-6525

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   Company Information

Small Power Systems is a company in search of answers to the world's energy and environmental Problems.

George Helmholz, the founder of Small Power Systems, began experimenting with alternative energy sources while in the Peace Corps. A few years in L.A. motivated him to leave fossil fuels behind, move to the country and design healthy ways to provide energy.

Bruce Heppler, a machinist from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, started Round Valley Farm Repair where he builds the mechanical parts for the solar trackers.

Olli Nummelin, a Finn who relocated to the U.S., does fine woodworking, as well as electronic work for SPS.

All three live off the grid as they follow the vision of sustainable living.