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PV Voltage Regulator

This voltage regulator limits the voltage delivered to a battery to a maximum of 14.1 volts protecting the battery from overcharging. When the voltage reaches 14.1 volts the charging voltage drops to a lower value and then cycles back to 14.1 volts in a complex way. There is a maximum forward voltage drop of .35 volts at full current. The ground current varies with forward current from near 0 to about 1% of current at full load. The regulator will prevent most reverse current at night so no blocking diode is needed. The regulator is fully protected but care should be used to avoid static electricity as with all semiconductor devices. While the electronics are encapsulated, it is not really intended to be left out in the weather.

Regulator Picture

The regulator can be used in parallel for greater amperage. The voltage can be increased by adding diodes (.3 volts for Schottky and .6 volts silicon) or zener diodes (14 volt for 24 volt system).

The regulator is set conservatively to protect your battery. It is intended for small systems where a voltage regulator is necessary such as one using a small battery connected to a large panel or one that might occasionally be left unattended for a long time. It is not temperature compensated. It is advisable to give all batteries an occasional equalizing charge.

Wiring Diagram