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Custom Trackers

Small Power Systems will make any type of tracker. We currently make only single-axis azimuth and dual-axis alt-azimuth trackers. The article, "Solar Tracking for Architects," offers a complete discussion of various tracking alternatives for building integrated trackers. We have not designed such systems yet, but since we already produce the basic building blocks for such trackers, designing such systems can be done easily. We will manufacturer such trackers at very reasonable cost on a custom basis as a way of adding to our product line.

Small Power Systems has also started design of Carport or Shading Trackers where the tracker and array of PV panels provide shelter and protection for cars or whatever. This not only gets additional use from the structure and thus reduces the cost, but it integrates the PV into an architectural structure that more easily blends with surrounding buildings and landscaping. It is our preliminary estimate that such multipurpose trackers will have some advantages for the tracker design also.

Custom Tracker